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Lawyer for a case for payment


Lawyer for a case for payment

Attorney Joanna Bober is a professional civil lawyer. She has handled numerous cases for payment, cases for the protection of personal rights, cases for the abolition of joint ownership of real estate, cases for the protection of property and ownership, and land and mortgage register cases.

It is a law firm that draws up numerous lawsuits for payment, numerous lawsuits for the release of movable and immovable property, and has experience in compensation and compensation cases.

Joanna Bober, advocate, is a professional attorney and also represents in pre-trial proceedings and before courts in cases including regarding any consumer claims, non-compliance of the goods with the information provided in the contract, in matters of contracts concluded via the Internet.

Advocate Joanna Bober conducts cases for payment in Wrocław, as well as in Poznań, Lublin and Warsaw. He prepares requests for payment, conducts court cases, and represents in enforcement proceedings.


An experienced lawyer, Joanna Bober, will provide you with professional legal advice in a situation where you have doubts as to whether to sue for payment, who to sue for payment.

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